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If you’re looking to move out of state and you need a moving company that specializes in long distance moving, call on Casey Movers. Low Flat Rate Costs Are Available (781) 871-1190 Casey Movers have over 20 years of experience in the business. Casey Movers has an advantage over other movers allowing them to give you one low flat rate to move of of the state. They deliver to your new home anywhere within the continental United States. Learn more online by reviewing their service areas.

Long Distance Moving
Boxes and packing handled by experienced staff

Best Long Distance Moving Choice

The best company to choose for long distance moving is a company that will deliver your property with one dependable truck with one low rate price. Casey Movers moving company is the smartest choice for a long distance move. They use one truck and one driver. They offer a low flat rate cost.

Casey Movers long distance moving service is superior to the larger van line services.

Casey Movers is more the better choice.

Long Distance MovingTrained staff safely and effectivity move large furniture items easily.

Long Distance Moving from Massachusetts: Choose Casey Movers! Low Flat Rate Costs (781) 871-1190


Disadvantages of Vanlines Moving Companies

Vanlines companies manage a list of subcontractor that handle cargo. Each subcontractor at each port charges a different rate depending on state. This makes the process a ricky, expensive cost most times. Each subcontractor may need to unload and reload your property on their trucks. Often times, items are lost and damage from excess handing. In may case, cargo is unload and storage in unknown warehouse space waiting for the next carrier. Items are known be be lost.

Long Distance Moving
Casey Movers happy customer gives a great review.

Why you could run into trouble with Vanlines moving companies

  • Unknown final costs as rates vary with each carrier
  • Higher rick of property damage or loss

Long Distance Moving
Casey Movers handles customer’s furniture respectfully taking the precautions needed for safe transport.

Casey Movers Moving company serving Massachusetts is best choice for long distance moving

You can take comfort in knowing your one flat rate is not an estimate but a final cost.
No surprise costs at the time of delivery. Because so many other carriers have multiple
sub-contract drivers cargo is unloaded and reloaded on to different trucks. Casey Movers has one truck and one driver! That gives customers a huge advantage. You’re items are not changing trucks! And you’re items are not being handled multiple times by various handlers. Vanlines sub-contractors often damage or lose items in transits thru all the changes in port locations. Casey Movers avoids this trouble by directly delivering your items themselves.

Long Distance Moving
Long distance transport truck loading is a skill. Casey Movers are trained and experienced.

Advantages of Casey Movers Moving Company

  • Flat rates
  • One dependable truck and driver
  • No transfers
  • No unloading and reloading

Long Distance MovingWrapped furniture loaded on a truck correctly and safely for long distance transport.

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