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Casey Movers is an independent moving company with no van-line associations. Florida is our most common inter-state destination but we will deliver to anywhere within the continental United States.

To understand why Casey Movers is a great choice for your move, you must first understand the definition of a binding estimate.

Typically, there are binding estimates, and non-binding estimates.

Non-Binding Estimate

A non-binding estimate is generally based upon a verbal discussion on the phone or through email. The carrier (which is the mover) has not seen or had a chance to inspect goods at the house. Generally, in an inter-state move hourly rates to load and unload the truck (and possibly transfer between trailers or warehouse transfer points), and weight in association with mileage rates apply.

When discussing your move, the carrier or agent of the carrier will attempt to estimate the weight of the shipment. We at Casey Movers find that agents working for large movers do not even make an attempt to accurately estimate the weight of a shipment, rather they rely on general weight tiers; 4,000lbs, 8,000lbs and 12,000lbs... and sometimes 18,000lbs. It is important to understand these are starting points only. In the end, the truck will be weighed and you will be responsible for the actual hourly labor charges it took to load up the truck (and you are responsible for any necessary transfers in between) and the actual weight of the shipment in association with the mileage of your destination.

At this point, you will receive a total estimate of labor and weight charges. Please note that in accordance with current federal regulations, a mover may only collect 110% of the non-binding estimate at the offload. As inter-state moving can be quite costly, this is to protect consumers from not being able to pay their bill at the time of offload. Because, if you cannot pay your bill, goods must be diverted to either a third party storage, or a warehouse owned by the mover who is conducting your shipment until the bill is paid. If actual charges exceed 110% of the total estimate, those charges will be billed to you and must generally be paid anywhere from 7 days to 30 days after completion of your move. Please note this applies only to inter-state moves.

Binding Estimate

A binding estimate is based upon the same principles of a non-binding estimate. Except, in this instance, an employee or agent of the carrier has a chance to inspect goods prior to the move. Rates and estimates may be the same in this case, and still typically allows for estimates based upon the tiers of 4,000lbs, 8,000lbs, 12,000lbs and 18,000lbs. Again, Casey Movers upon inspection of competitor estimates often find that agents of large movers rely only on these basic tiers and do not even attempt to estimate the actual weight of a shipment. In a binding estimate, the mover must service your move. If they do not show up on the day of the move without notice, you may be able to hold them liable for not showing up (not sure if this is still the case, but it used to be a huge problem that movers would over-book themselves and then choose not to show up to certain jobs... cannot count the number of jobs we used to service that were last minute because the other movers did not show up). In a binding estimate, you are generally responsible for 100% of the estimated charges no matter what. In a binding estimate, the mover may only collect 100% of the total estimated charges at the time of offload. The carrier is also bound to the estimate set forth in relation to the estimated weight. Meaning, if the carrier quotes $7,500 for 12,000lbs, and the actual weight of the shipment is 12,000lbs or less, the carrier cannot collect more than $7,500. However, if the weight of the shipment exceeds 12,000lbs, the carrier must collect for the difference. The carrier cannot collect for the difference on the offload, but will bill you for extra services rendered to be paid within the 7 to 30 day window after completion of your move.

What you THOUGHT a binding estimate meant

I find that customers often see the term binding and assume it is a flat rate. Do not mistake a "binding estimate" for a "flat rate/not to exceed." All a binding estimate does is wrap all the hourly rates, mileage rates, and weight rates into one price for the weight listed on the proposal... it is essentially a flat rate for that weight... but if the actual weight differs from the estimated weight... then the contract is broken and you will be responsible for any additional weight to be billed to you which must be paid within 7 to 30 days (depending on the major carrier... we've inspected the tariffs of several major carriers and found this to be the general range of free credit period). Any true not to exceed or flat rate will generally have an exact inventory to accompany the proposal along with the words "not to exceed" or "flat rate." You do not want "not to exceed" or "flat rate" terminology connected to a weight assessment as the agreement will be broken if actual weight differs from the estimated weight stated.

Why use Casey Movers for your inter-state move?

We are independent. We offer true flat rates to inter-state destinations. Our pick-ups are local here in Massachusetts, and we will deliver anywhere within the continental United States.
Our flat rates cover the load up, the transport between Massachusetts and your destination, and the offload labor. Please note that we do charge by the hour for packing and boxing services the day before you move so that you only pay for services needed. Please note all shipments are made via 48/53 foot tractor trailer, so please disclose accessibility to your destination and be sure to request a quote for shuttle services should it be necessary. We find some rural areas, gated communities, etc cannot be accessed by large trailer.

Casey Quotes are 25% to 50% higher than our competitors, but you save in the end

We find that our quotes tend to be a little higher than our competitors (Average of about 25% to 50%), but this is because we are offering a true flat rate. Our quote may be a little higher up front, but in the end you will very likely save as you do not have several variables (weight, labor, mileage, materials) that will effect your moving and transportation cost.

Serving Massachusetts Request Estimate

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