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About Our Company

Casey Movers has been providing moving and storage services to Westford, MA and its surrounding areas since 1993. We are licensed & insured with the DOT & the MADPU. As of Nov. 5th, 2014, we own 4 tractors, 2 straight trucks and over 2 dozen trailers!

We employ a full-time crew of experienced Class-A drivers, helpers and movers. Our guys are great!

Westford, MA

Westford is a town in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, United States. The population was 21,951 at the 2010 census.

Originally a part of neighboring Chelmsford, West Chelmsford soon grew large enough to sustain its own governance, and was officially incorporated as Westford on September 23, 1729.

In the late 18th and early 19th centuries, Westford primarily produced granite, apples, and worsted yarn. The Abbot Worsted Company was said to be the first company in the nation to use camel hair for worsted yarns. Citizens from Westford also had some notable involvement in the Revolutionary War. Westford Minutemen were alerted by efforts of Samuel Prescott who alerted Acton, to the southeast towards Stow.

Paul Revere's son attended Westford Academy and a bell cast by Revere graces its lobby today. A weather vane made by Paul Revere sits atop the Abbot Elementary school.

By the end of the American Civil War, as roads and transportation improved, Westford began to serve as a residential suburb for the factories of Lowell, becoming one of the earliest notable examples of suburban sprawl. Throughout the 20th century (and with the invention of the automobile), Westford progressively grew, continuing to serve as residential housing for the industries of Lowell, and later, Boston.

In the 1960s, the town was home to one of the research sites supporting Project West Ford.

By the 1970s, with the advent of the 128 Technology Belt, Westford began to act as a suburb for high-tech firms in Burlington, Woburn, and other areas, and later became a center of technology itself.

By the 1990s, Westford was home to offices for Red Hat, Samsung, Sonus Networks, Seagate, Iris Associates, Visual Solutions, and many other technology firms, most located along Massachusetts Route 110, parallel to I-495. It is also the North American headquarters for Puma, which holds a road race in town. The leading manufacturer of EEG electrodes, HydroDot Inc., located here in 2007.

Today, Westford's agricultural past has given way to rapidly expanding high technology industries, suburban retail, and upper-middle class residential areas.

Westford's inter-town sports teams have the colors of maroon, white, and sometimes black.


Westford Moving Services

Since 1993, Casey Movers has been moving clients to and from the Westford, MA area. We provide full-service moving, with plastic and pad wrapping, plus free breakdown and re-assembly of furniture. We can move almost anything: grandfather clocks, dressers, billiard tables, grand pianos, etc. We offer services to single family homes, but also to residents of Westford apartment communities.

Storage Near Westford, MA

Require storage for an indefinite period of time? Have us offload your belongings into our climate-controlled warehouse storage facility, or load up a trailer and lock it inside our secure trailer yard.

Packing Services

Want to avoid packing yourself? We offer free boxes with every estimate, with competitively priced packing services. We'll pack as few or as many of your possessions as necessary.

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