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Will I pay more for my move?
The most important thing to understand is that service in Massachusetts is hourly port to port. This is a good thing because this means that customers pay only for the services they need. Customers that go the extra mile in terms of packing, preparation, and some moving themselves see it reflected in their bill. Customers that poorly prepare for their move also see it reflected in their bill with higher prices.

Generally, an in-home estimator will build as many hours as anticipated in one flat price that will be discounted as much as possible from our typical hourly billing structure.

Should the operation change in any way, hourly billing will be applied for additional services. Price increases generally result from poor customer preparation, long-walks, un-anticipated shuttle requirements, un-anticipated hold overs, real estate closing delays, weather, etc.

The best way to minimize price increases is to opt for a free in-home estimate. Show the estimator everything and when in doubt... tell him an item is going. Be open about real estate closings. If you need a hold over, have it built into the price up front. We can offer you better rates if we know that you need the services in advance and we are able to line things up in our schedule accordingly. If situations are thrown at us, we WILL do our best to accommodate--but price will be in accordance with our full rates.

The crew leader has authority on the final bill and must collect prior to offloading goods. He will account for any differences in estimated service vs final and please note that this bill is non-negotiable. It is the crew leaders responsibility to complete work for the customer and also ensure that this business has the funds to cover all expenses incurred by the shipment.
Is there anything I should know before moving day?
The shipper (the customer) should have everything boxed and ready to go by the time the movers arrive. Remember, service is hourly so the more work the movers do for you, the more you pay. Everything should be off the walls and ready to go. Appliances should be unhooked and ready to go. Components such as cable boxes and computers should be unhooked and boxed up.

You may leave clothing in the dressers. You should mark all boxes, furniture and other items with labels indicating the shippers name and the final destination address for the goods to minimize the chance of loss or logistical errors. The carrier is not liable for loss or logistical errors (ex: you have two stops, and goods end up at the wrong stop) if goods are not properly labeled.

Why should I hire Casey Movers?
Casey Movers is a great moving business dedicated to providing living wages to its employees. Our great team of Class A drivers, movers and helpers work our target market of $500,000+ 3 to 5 bedroom homes year round and we average 2 to 5 moving operations per day... year round.

Compared to larger moving businesses (vanlines, etc) we offer superior attention to detail. We do not subcontract moves out to smaller companies. You deal with us before, during and after your move. As far as a single location mover goes... they really do not get much bigger than us... the national vanlines operate as a series of sub-contractors and smaller movers spread throughout the country.

Compared to smaller moving businesses, we have superior truck sizes and moving capacity. We pay well and offer a great quality of life for our employees. We offer packing, moving, short term and long term storage. If you run into a logistical hiccup, we are better able to work with you than a small company who may not be able to store your goods, or spare the truck for another day.

I have a move scheduled; how much should I get my certified bank check or money order for?
You should get your certified bank check or money order for an amount that is your written estimate minus any deposits you have made to Casey Movers.

How much will my move cost?
Moving company costs are determined by our tariff approved and on file with the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities and also available at Contact us for a free estimate. In-home estimates are preferable for anything larger than a one or two bedroom apartment.

Do you have storage?
We maintain in-door warehouse storage and trailers to accommodate both long-term and short-term storage requirements.

Should I tip the movers?
Movers are often tipped as they are service industry personnel, but this is certainly not required. In general we've seen movers get anywhere from $2 to $5 per hour per mover depending on performance. If you choose to tip your movers, we recommend tipping each mover individually. You can find more information at Tips on Tipping Your Movers.

Who unloads my goods if I move to another state?
Casey Movers maintains its own fleet of trucks and moving crew based out of Massachusetts. If the destination is close enough, this fleet and crew may be used to complete move by the hour. If the destination is too far, use of primary fleet and crew may be impractical. Casey Movers reserves the right to use agents to complete any part of an operation such as long-haul or labor outside of Massachusetts impractical for primary fleet or crew to complete or render. Operation will always be performed under the authority of Casey Movers and Casey Movers is primarily responsible for the performance and payment of its agents. Your move will never be managed by an outside moving company and you will never be required to pay the tariff charges from another mover.

Are you licensed & insured?
Casey Movers is a licensed and insured mover. Registered with the DOT (1330580) for interstate moves and the MDPU (29672) for intrastate moves. Please do not mistake these facts for full value coverage. On both state and federal level, the liability of movers is $.60/lb/item. Shipper is responsible for their own insurance if this base liability is not suitable. Damage and/or loss of goods or furniture is a risk of transporting furniture. Damage to real property such as lawns and/or driveways is a risk of operating heavy equipment such as moving trucks on property. Damage to walls and/or floors is a risk of moving goods within a home.

How long does an in-home estimate take?
An estimate generally takes around thirty minutes. You will need to point out the items to be added to the pre-move inspection inventory which will be used to help determine scheduling, the best crew size and truck for your move operation.

What are accepted payment methods?
We accept certified bank check, money order or cash. We generally take a credit card (Mastercard or VISA only) for a deposit and security. We recommend having a certified bank check or money order prepared on the day of your move for the estimate minus your deposit. All account charges must be paid in full prior to final offload. Personal checks are not accepted.

Can I pay for my move after the offload has occurred?
Payment is due as certified bank check, money order or cash and must be tendered in full to the crew leader prior to offload.

What if I don't want to pay my movers?
Casey Movers does not extend credit and failure to pay your mover for services rendered is theft of service. Movers cannot release shipment until tariff charges have been paid in full. If payment is not made, movers must store goods at expense of shipper until account balance is clear.

What kind of trucks are used?
Carrier generally uses 18-wheelers in the range of 30-53 feet in length. Access must be good leading up to your home. Ramp should be able to reach to within 40 feet of the entrance to your home. In rare instances, the use of a shuttle may be required. Estimator will use best judgement when visiting the origin address of shipment. Please inform carrier if you suspect destination address will require a shuttle. Shuttle costs are shipper responsibility. In an inter-state shipment, a shuttle is considered additional services rendered by the carrier, and average cost of shuttle is an additional $1,000 on top of rate given for inter-state shipment. Please speak with your estimator about building this into the cost of your move.

Does Casey Movers offer refunds on service?
Carrier liability is limited to shipper declaration of value on bill of lading contract. Only in the event of loss or damage can the carrier offer a refund of services. Service charges are non-refundable. In the event of over-pay the carrier can only offer a credit for service. Shipper is responsible for previously written estimates in full once shipment is rendered.
What is the deal with Yelp?
Yelp has a people search function. Last year we took the time to search all of our customers for that entire year on Yelp and it appeared that less than 1% of our customers are Yelp users. Our demographic tends to be older and less tech savy. We do very few apartment and "college" moves. We find that we do not get positive Yelp reviews because the majority of our customer base are not Yelp users. We find that the majority of our Yelp complaints come from accounts with few reviews attached to them (aka, they created the account just to write a negative Yelp review.)

Interestingly... we see very few complaints showing up on Google and the BBB... we suspect that because negative complaints already exist on Yelp. This is where frustrated clients may find themselves venting, or using our Yelp listing as a punching bag per se.

As of 12/14/15: 10 reviews showing... each situation is unique and we have provided a detailed response to each. We will not respond to 2 of the reviews showing as they are connected to the 94 reviews mentioned below which have been removed for violating yelp terms of service.

10 reviews not recommended - We've responded to all the reviews we possibly could respond to (however, please note that once filtered by Yelp a response by the business is not possible. Complaints mostly related to increased charges due to increased labor requirements in association with unexpected packing, prep, or logistical issues (unexpected holdovers, down-time due to closings, etc). Clear moving instructions and proper preparation will keep moving costs down!

94 reviews removed mostly from 2011 for violating yelp terms of service in conjunction with a social media campaign (one person responsible for all reviews).

Although, as of 1/7/16, Casey Movers has 10 showing reviews with an average rating of 1 out of 5 stars on Yelp... the business also has as of 1/7/16 an A rating with the BBB as well as 25 showing reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. The business also has as of 1/7/16 49 showing reviews on Google with an average 4.6 out of 5 stars. As of 1/7/16 Casey Movers has 44 reviews on Facebook with an average 4.4 out of 5 stars.

I got a lower price from another mover, can you match it?
We are competitive. However, please note that you must analyze carefully the total number of labor hours or weight being quoted by other movers. Low bottom line does not mean the quote is lower than ours if they built in less hours, less weight, less truck space, and less storage space.

Movers in Massachusetts charge by the hour. We recommend visiting Moving Tips and you will find that an estimate is not a bid or a contract and that movers must charge in accordance with the rates on file with the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities regardless of any estimate.

We do our best to work with people if finances are an issue. Please call us before making the decision to go with another carrier. You can book a post-estimate meeting with Casey Movers management if you'd like prior to making your final decision.
Do I have to pay for travel time?
Charges are port to port as specified in the moving tariff approved and on file with the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities. Simply put, the shipper is solely responsible for any payroll hours incurred by the carrier for each driver and mover associated with the operation.

Do you pack for me?
Generally, the shipper is responsible for packing and boxing all small and loose items while the carrier is responsible for protecting furniture (blanket wrapping is standard). However, Casey Movers provides packing, boxing and shrink-wrapping services if requested. We generally need to come out the day before a move for this sort of work so that everything is ready to go when the movers arrive with the truck.

Do I neeed to empty dresser drawers and file cabinets?
Generally, clothing can remain in dresser drawers assuming the piece is not too heavy for the movers to lift. It is recommended that file cabinets be emptied (you may often leave the bottom drawer full only) to prevent damage to the file cabinet and to ensure that the movers can safely move the piece.

Can I access my goods if I store with you?
Casey Movers maintains a full service storage facility. We maintain exclusive rights to load goods into and out of our storage facilities. We do not recommend storing items that you will need frequent access to. In the case of an emergency, access may be granted with ample notice and fully financed supervision in association with tariff rates approved and on file with the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities. This policy is to maintain the safety and security of all goods belonging to current occupants of our storage facilities.

Can you do out of state moves?
We are licensed to do out of state moves with the DOT and will service a move from Massachusetts to anywhere within the continental United States.

Are my belongings insured?
Casey Movers maintains proper insurance requirements. However, please note that liability to movers is limited to $.60/lb/item and shipper is responsible for insurance if this base liability is not suitable (we recommend You can find more information in our tariff and also at Moving Tips.

Can you dispose of my items?
Casey Movers does not have a proper disposal avenue for household goods such as furniture, mattresses and chemicals. There are licensed and insured disposal businesses that we encourage you to contact for these purposes (such as 1-800-GOT-JUNK).

Can the estimator answer questions regarding my move?
The primary function of an estimator is to take the pre-move inventory which is used for scheduling and determining proper crew and truck requirements for an operation. Estimators undergo thorough training and are generally experienced movers. Estimators will do their best to answer any questions you have, however, please note that important points should always be verified by Casey Movers management and you should consult the tariff approved and on file with the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities. Movers must follow tariff and company policy strictly and cannot always honor verbal agreements.

What if there is a problem with my move?
Employees of Casey Movers are unable to help you via telephone if you have billing issues, damage or loss and business does not maintain telephone lines for reporting these issues. Please visit File Claim to begin your claim for loss or damage. Service charges are non-refundable. Please read our Moving Rates & Tariff for additional information and the full terms and conditions of your shipment.

Do you move in the rain and snow?
Yes. We understand that shippers are often bound to real estate agreements and their property may be required to be vacated at a certain time on a certain date. Normal operations will continue in the event of a snow storm unless there is a state of emergency. However, roads and access leading to shippers pick-up address must be clear. For insurance and liability reasons, drive-way and walkways leading up to pick-up address MUST be cleared by the shipper. Carrier will re-schedule operation at the request of shipper provided availability of our power units and moving crews. Shipper is responsible for written estimate in full should a move be cancelled. Shipper is responsible for tariff charges in full should movers encounter unsafe conditions and cannot commence shipment, or if shipper refuses to commence shipment when movers are already at origin address. Inclement weather can both increase estimated completion charges and have an effect on move quality. Carrier must still charge tariff rates in full for services rendered, and liability is still limited to shipper declaration of value on bill of lading contract.

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