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This carrier is a licensed and insured moving company that transports goods from an origin address to a destination address within Massachusetts and also within the United States excluding Hawaii and Alaska.


The shipper is the person or agent ("The Customer") responsible for ordering this carrier ("Casey Movers") to transport goods from one location to another. Any person utilizing this service assures the carrier that they are the owner or agent of the owner of the goods being moved.


Guaranteed rates for shipment are as confirmed via email or contact 781-871-1190 for a free estimate of labor, storage or holding charges. Charges are from the main port of this carrier which is 379 Liberty Street in Rockland, MA 02370. Any shipment may be subject to a 3 hour, 5 hour or 8 hour minimum as our movers are full time and and a 14 hour maximum per day for safety reasons.

Small boxes are $2.00/each. Medium boxes are $2.50/each. Tape is $5.00/each. Dish Barrels are $10.00/each. Wardrobe Boxes are $15.00/each. Mattress Bags are $25.00/each. Pack Paper Bundles are $50/each. The shipper is responsible for obtaining their own materials for their packing of goods. This carrier offers with every verifiable move reservation a bundle of 20 small (book) boxes which may be picked up at 379 Liberty Street in Rockland, MA 02370. This carrier may offer delivery of boxes with a delivery charge of $75.00 and all materials must be paid for up front.

This carrier offers secondary service to select moves with small inventories that may fall below the 5-8 hours required by our full time staff. As a secondary service, these shippers are not entitled to guaranteed service as they may be bumped if the primary shipment for the day exceeds the scheduled number of hours to safely complete both shipments. Secondary service moves should have their balances paid in full prior to service so that the movers can quickly complete shipment without having to worry about billing.


This carrier primarily offers moving service. "We pick stuff up, and put it down." This carrier utilizes up to 53 foot tractor trailers for all moves. By default, this carrier expects the shipper to be packed and ready to go by the time movers arrive.

It is the shippers responsibility to notify the carrier in writing of any physical or legal restrictions on truck sizes that may be operated at any given origin or destination address. It is the shippers financial responsibility for any additional services such as shuttle service, additional trucks or long walks that may be required to complete a move due to physical or legal restrictions on truck size that may be operated at any given origin or destination address. It is the shippers responsibility to know the local laws and/or regulations of any given city, town, etc in regards to required parking permits and to obtain the appropriate parking permits for any origin or destination address.

The shipper is always responsible for procuring appropriate parking areas for the carrier at both the origin and destination address (this means finding reasonably close parking spaces, obtaining necessary permits, notifying neighbors of service as needed, ensuring that driveways and walk ways are shoveled in advance of carrier arrival when it is snowing, etc).

This carrier offers overnight holds on trucks. Holds are on average 1 to 2 nights. Please note that this carrier needs its trucks and trailers to operate, so extended holds may be forced into long term storage which may double labor cost as we have to offload into long-term storage area and re-load when it comes time to deliver.

When utilizing carrier storage, do not place into storage any important items, or documents that you may need future access to. All items placed in storage may not be accessible until final delivery of goods. Carrier storage is secure and the carrier is prohibited from allowing entry by third parties. Units are packed "high and tight" and 99% of any given shipment becomes inaccessible once packed.

This carrier will commit to target pick up and delivery dates and times. However, please note that due to the inherent nature of transportation, no carrier may guarantee any timeline, logistics, mode of transport/storage, or shipment of any individual piece of furniture. Any shipment is subject to possible delay due to traffic, weather, regulations, limits, safety, etc.

To obtain a DOT medical card, movers are required to be able to lift 50lbs. On average, each mover may be lifting up to 100lbs per mover and for safety reasons items being moved should NEVER reach or exceed 150lbs per mover. Any item that exceeds safety standards may be subject to rejection from shipment.

Shipper responsibilities: Exercise equipment should be broken down and ready to go by the time the movers arrive. Appliances such as refrigerators, washers and dryers should be unhooked and ready to go by the time the movers arrive. TV's should be packed and ready to go. All pictures, lamps, and artwork should be packed and ready to go. Large items such as swing-sets and shelving should be broken down and ready to go.

The shipper is required to sign the bill of lading prior to commencement of a move. Failure to sign will result in default of service, loss of deposit and may result in a bill for hourly services rendered. It is highly recommended that the shipper or an agent of the shipper be present for entirety of the shipment. Abandonment of the movers may result in mistakes, damage, or other issues that this carrier cannot be liable for.

It is the shippers responsibility for providing proper origin and destination addresses in a timely manner. It is the shippers responsibility for providing appropriate cell phone numbers, home phone numbers and email addresses so that this carrier can notify of the shipper of any anticipated or unanticipated changes to the shipment. This information MUST be correct on the bill of lading and it is the shippers responsibility to ensure that all information is correct.

Please note that standard arrival times for half and full day moves are between 8:00am and 9:00am window. Half day deliveries may be started as late as 12:00pm - 1:00pm window. Half day or full day moves starting later than a 1:00pm - 2:00pm window may be billed at 1 1/2 times guaranteed or initially offered rates. Please note that moves on Sundays may be billed at 1 1/2 times guaranteed or initially offered rates.

The carrier may utilize agents without notice for any portion of a moving operation that is deemed impractical for our employees or equipment to service (example: labor help on an inter-state delivery, rental of truck equipment for peak move dates, etc).

This carrier is not an installer, and this carrier is not a disposal company. Sending items back to port on the truck for disposal or donation is prohibited.


This list includes prohibited items for shipment. It is the shippers sole responsibility to ensure that prohibited items do not end up on a shipment. It is the shippers responsibility to ensure that the origin address is completely free of prohibited items by the time the movers arrive as any items remaining at the origin address when the movers arrive is subject to being accidentally placed on the shipment at absolutely no liability to the carrier.

Prohibited items include but are not limited to live plants, alcohol, explosives, chemicals, liquids, food, perishables, firearms, cash, jewelry, important documents (such as any documents you may need access to), items of irreplaceable value, etc.

Please note that including prohibited items may result in inherent or collateral damage to the shipment (food attracts rodents, liquids can spill, etc), inconvenience to the carrier or the shipper, fines, seizure or quarantine of shipment, or other legal consequences at no liability to the carrier.

Please note that prohibited items should never be present at any origin or destination address. If the shipper is utilizing packing services by the carrier these items should be removed in advance of the carrier arriving as to prevent accidental inclusion of items on shipment.


High risk items include items that may be accepted by the carrier but are high risk in nature for shipment, thus the proper precautions should be taken by the shipper prior to the carrier arriving.

High risk items include but are not limited to lamps, lampshades, paintings, pictures, grandfather clocks, glass pieces (including but not limited to glass table tops, glass inserts/shelving for items such as curio cabinets, etc), electronics, printers, workshop equipment, intricate artwork, statues, antiques, particle board furniture.

Please note that this carrier may be unable to service some heavy safes and recommends Boston Safe Movers at 617-475-0705 as mechanical or specialized accommodations may be required to move your safe (we do the tip test... if one mover cannot simply tip a safe... it is probably unsafe for us to move). This carrier will service most pianos. However, please be aware that certain pianos may have humidity control systems installed (example: Dampp Chaser climate control system) which should be uninstalled and properly packed prior to this carrier arriving for pick up. This carrier may also refer full grand pianos to a specialized piano mover. Please note that hot tubs often require crane service and this carrier will not service. Please call a local pool table for a hot tub shipment referral. This carrier will not service sheds which may require flatbed service. We recommend checking with your local tow company. In regards to swing-sets, this carrier recommends contacting the company you bought it from first. Often swing-sets are made of wood and due to weathering, termite damage, etc certain pieces may not go back together after dis-assembly and the original company will have replacement parts readily available. If the original company is not possible, there are many third party swing-set service companies that will offer moving and re-installation of swing-sets.

The carrier will not accept responsibility for damage to high risk items for shipment if not properly packed. All high risk items should be boxed or packaged as to not be exposed for potential damage in any way. Suggested types of materials for packing may include boxes, cardboard, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, etc.

The shipper should always keep this saying in mind when utilizing the services of this carrier: "ship items through this carrier the way you would ship an item through a common postal carrier."


Minor damage such as scratches, blemishes, etc to furniture is an inherent risk of moving and the carrier is not liable for this risk.

Damage to real property (inside of a home or office or any similar dwelling) such as walls, floors, permanent fixtures, etc is an inherent risk of moving furniture within a home and the carrier is not liable for this risk. Damage to real property such as lawns, driveways, tree branches, sagging powerlines (please note that all powerlines should be a minimum of 15 feet above ground--failure to report such violations may result in collision/damage), fence posts, lamp posts, etc is an inherent risk of operating heavy equipment such as moving trucks on a property and carrier is not liable for this risk. It is the shippers responsibility to purchase and place down disposable real property protection materials such as hardwood floor protector sheets in advance of carrier arrival.

Mold, odor, etc is an inherent risk of storing goods both short term and long term and carrier is not liable for this risk.

In regards to accidental damage, all shippers are required to declare the value of the shipment to the carrier. In the event that value is not declared, standard declaration of value for shipments both in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and inter-state shipments have a standard and default declared value of $.60/lb/item.

An increase to $1.25/lb/item is available to the shipper at an additional fee of $1,000 for a 53ft tractor trailer load, $450 for a 26ft straight truck load, or $50 per 1,000lb.

Please note that service provided by this carrier is non-negotiable in association with the guaranteed rates (or any written reduced rates or discounts) of this carrier and non-refundable.

In the event of accidental damage or loss, the shipper may be entitled to a refund not to exceed the declared value of the shipment usually equal to $.60/lb/item. No carrier is liable for any item deemed "PBO," packed by owner, etc. No carrier is liable for any item that is deemed high risk in nature that was not properly packed prepared by the shipper. No carrier is liable for any item deemed prohibited that may have accidentally been present on the shipment or at any origin or destination address. Any refund by the carrier to the shipper does not constitute insurance and the shipper is responsible for any additional insurance on high value items. Any accidental damage or loss must be MUST be written on the bill of lading at time of delivery. The shipper must carefully inspect all items after completion of shipment. Casey Movers is not liable for any damage not noted by the shipper on the bill of lading at time of delivery and is not liable for any damage reported after the movers leave. The shipper must contact Casey Movers within 9 months to claim the refund equal to $.60/lb/item in the event of total loss of an item or any fraction thereof. Casey Movers is not liable for any damage if shipper is not present at the time of delivery.

For additional information in regards to carrier regulations and liability.



Full value insurance (replacement cost) may be obtained through as this business is an authorized carrier of that service. Please note that may require 2 weeks or more to obtain full value insurance for a shipment. Please note that this carrier is not liable for shippers who do not allow adequate preparation time to purchase full value insurance.


This carrier requires a deposit of $250 minimum or 10% for move with estimates exceeding $2,500. This deposit is non-refundable but it is transferable to other available move dates. (Note secondary moves may be billed in full as a deposit prior to commencement of a move).

Please note that account balance is due in full prior to delivery of goods as cash, certified bank check or money order. Mastercard, VISA and Discover are accepted at 781-871-1190 Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm but please note that a 5% handling charge is automatically added to all credit card payments over $500. AMEX is not accepted. For inter-state moves, account balance is due in full prior to dispatch of truck from Massachusetts.

Personal checks are accepted as deposits. Please note that a reservation may be canceled without notice in the event of a bounce. Personal checks may be accepted for shipments destined for storage facilities operated by this carrier. A fee of $50 may be assessed for bounced checks given to the carrier.

Please note that it is the shippers responsibility to make monthly storage payments on time. Payment will be due exactly one month from the initial date of pickup. The shipper will know the monthly storage payment well in advance of the move and it is not the carriers responsibility to send monthly statements. Any storage balance that falls behind more than 30 days is subject to seizure, auction, disposal or forfeit. In the event of seizure, auction, disposal or forfeit of goods this carrier will do its best to notify its insurance company as well as the shipper by certified mail to try and resolve any payment issues.

Personal checks are not accepted for final payment for release of goods back to shipper. In the event that this carrier receives goods from any shipper and that shipper defaults on payment, this carrier is required to store goods at full expense and liability to the shipper until account balance is paid in full in which time the carrier may schedule re-delivery of goods for the next available moving date.

After delivery, this carrier may serve the shipper with a final invoice that may include post-move adjustments to account for additional labor hours, services, materials, etc required to complete service after payment for release of goods has been made.


1-2 business days notice should be given to this carrier for any cancellation. In the event of proper cancellation, any initial deposit is non-refundable but it is transferable to any other available move date. In the event that proper and verifiable notice is not given to this carrier, and the movers are dispatched on moving day only to find that the shipper has no intent of utilizing service, the deposit is non-refundable and is also non-transferable. Also, the shipper may be liable for the move in full as Casey Movers will have already scheduled movers for the job and cannot easily just send them home from work.

I, the shipper or agent of the shipper with intent to utilize the services of this carrier, have read and understand the matters of this document. I understand that failure to adhere to the suggestions and policies contained in this document may result in inconvenience and/or increased expense to the shipper, agent of the shipper, the movers, or this carrier.

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